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Yazd, the city of wind catchers, is the 15th largest city in Iran. If you travel to Yazd, probably you face many traditional Iranian places, cultures and traditions. This city takes you to the ancient Iran, where you can see the history of the country. Most People in Yazd are Shia and Zoroastrian. It places on “Global dry belt” so it has dry climate in spring and summer, cold and humid weather in autumn and winter. At all, you will experience warm days and freezing nights, like the weather in all beautiful deserts around. So, let’s see what we can find in this religious, tourist and friendly city.

“Tourist attraction in Yazd”

Dolat Abad Garden

travel to yazd - dolat abad gaden

Dolat Abad is a garden, located in “Chahar-Menar” neighborhood. This garden is built in “Afsharieh and Zandieh” era, which means about 260-270 years ago. “Mohammad Taghi khan Bafghi”, the king of Yazd in that era, used to live in this beautiful garden. As entering the garden, you probably see beautiful little fountains and the tallest brick wind catcher in the world, with 33.8 meters height!!! This wind catcher perform as a fan and makes the rooms cold, in all warm days of summer and spring. There are some rooms in this garden, most of them have fountains inside. All those rooms with Iranian architecture, beautiful walls and colorful windows which makes the colors dance in the room all the day, causes a perfect memory for a tourist. Also you can find a bazaar, near the main entrance door, (located in Dolat Abad Blvd), you see a bazaar, where you can buy Yazd’z handicrafts and other attracting things.

Jameh Mosque of Yazd

jame - masque yazd

Jame mosque of Yazd, a 900 years old mosque, is one of the most ancient tourism places in Yazd. The starting of building this mosque was In “Saljooghi” era, around 500 AH, but it has been destroyed. The process of building started again in 700 AH. The mosque stayed strong until now, although some parts has been destroyed. At first, in “Ale-Booyeh” era the name of this mosque was “Atigh”.Then the other parts were added and two building combined, then they formed current “Jame” mosque. There are several seraglios, porchs, aqueducts, water wells and a library there. The lightning of the mosque is indirectly provided by the reflecting of white plastered walls. This square-form mosque is based on Iranian-Islamic architecture that made it to a masterpiece among the other mosques. The tallest minarets in the world belongs to this beautiful mosque with 52 meters height, shining like a diamond in Yazd’s sky.

“visit Yazd and discover attractions”

”Amir- Chakhmagh” square

amir chakhmagh yazd

Where you must visit during your travel to Yazd, is this fantastic place, “Amir-Chakhmagh” square. There exists a bazaar at the east side of the square. The name of bazaar is “Haji-Ghanbar” and it have been existed since 9th SH century. There is a “tekyeh” at the portal of the bazaar. What is “tekye”? A place for holding traditional religious ceremonies, especially mourning ceremonies. Also there is a Palm, which is not a real palm but a large wooden instrument, which is used during “Moharram” (the anniversary of third Imam’s passing away). They put the name “Palm” because it is the sign of freedom and liberty. Near the bazaar, a watering place (a large citern for providing the needed water) exists. The name of this watering place is “Haji-ghanbar” and also is called “Tekye”. The tomb of “Setti-Fatemeh”, the wife of “Amir-chakhmagh” (who started to build this square) places at the north of the square. It’s good to see all these buildings remained strong from 9th SH century! Especially another watering place, named “Setti-Fatemeh”, located in “Sheikh-Asadolah” Alley, near the tomb. This watering place has 5 wind catchers which you can easily see. Now this place is used as “zoorkhaneh”, a place for doing some traditional Iranian sport, named “Saheb-Alzaman”. You can find several caravansaries, some bathhouses and a mosque there too. This square is the sign of Yazd.

The fire temples of Yazd

fire temple yazd

Although most people in Yazd are Shia, but you can see large number of Zoroastrian people in there. Fire temples are places that Zoroastrian people usually pray and hold their religious ceremonies. Pierre Herisht (located 15 km from Ardakan), Pierre Narson (located in old road of Yazd-Mashhad), Pierre Sabz (located in “Tabas” road, between the “Ardakan” and “Anjire” mountains) and Pierre Narki (located 15 km from “Mehriz”- a little city in Yazd province) are different and famous fireplaces in Yazd province. The most famous fireplace, is “Vorhoram Fireplace”. The fire inside it, has been alight near 1500 years, till now!!! You can see the carving of “Fravashi” at the top of the building.”Farvashi” is a sign of Zoroastrian religion which tells us to have good thoughts, good words and good deeds. Building a water pool in front of the door of the fireplace, is usually a tradition, which makes the atmosphere more sacred. You can see this pool in front of the “Vorhoram” fireplace too. Visiting this fireplace would make good memories for tourists from all over the world.

Old city of Yazd

old city of yazd

Although every city progresses during the time and becomes much more modern, an area in Yazd is still keeping it’s old fashioned style!!! Old city of Yazd, the largest old city in Iran that kept it’s style, is a place that thatch houses never rebuilt and you can smell the old days by walking through it’s alleys. This historic city is based on a kind of architecture that is suitable for dry climate. All alleys have tall wall, to keep the ways cold by making shadows. Most of houses has wind catchers and brick houses, are designed in a way to make hot summer days to enjoyable days. What you can find in this old area? The memory of old days in Iran!!! All you need to feel during your travel to Yazd, this historic city, is gathered in the old city. You can find a mosque, with a special door, with lots of locks, which people put there to make their wishes granted. Many roofs that give you a perfect view and many wind catchers and watering places to visit, causes you, as a tourist, confess that this place is the best part of Yazd.

Museum of mirrors and lightings

miror and lighting palace

At first this museum was a personal house, belonged to a person named “Mr.Sarraf Zadeh”. He was a rich, famous and benefactor man. Now, his house is turned into a beautiful museum. The main building of this museum has wooden doors, walls which are designed by mirrors, many involute rooms with mesh and colorful windows which makes the room full of colors, and some beautiful paintings on the walls. What you can see in mirrors and lightings museum is an old artistic house with beautiful filleting and Iranian-European architecture. The tool like many old handwritings, old books, guns, stamps, old coins, different kinds of mirrors and other things exist in museum to be visited by tourists. Also a lighting part which has many types of lights, like those which light up with gas, oil or electricity and many other kinds, are there. This beautiful museum shows you the process of progressing in making lights during the time, so you must visit there!


yazd dessert

More than 18 percent of deserts in Iran are located in Yazd. If you travel to Yazd, you will probably like to spend one or several nights under a cover of night sky. Usually the best experience of desert tourism happens in Yazd’s deserts. Many deserts in Yazd, like Karakal, Moghestan, Haft Sang, Bafgh and Ardakan are there for tourists. You can find many desert tours or observation tours for observing the stars in Yazd. One of the best deserts to go in Yazd is Karakal desert( in Bafgh city). Because there is a famous camp for tourists named “Shahid Barzegari”. You can spend enjoyable time in this camp by riding camels, safari, drinking tea made on charcoal, riding special bikes, and the other facilities this camp gives you. Sand Bad camp is the other camp that has facilities like paragliding, camel riding, sand skiing, stars observing, restaurants, kiting and other features. This exciting camp is located in Nasr road, near the Yazd city. Several other camps like Baran, Fahraj, Haft Sang, Rigezarin, Aftab, Shabahang and Shenoshaden are ready to bring you exciting time in all desserts of Yazd Province.

Khaan Bazaar

khan bazar yazd | visit yazd
This bazaar has been made in Qajar era, By a person named “ Mohammad Taghi khane Bafghi”. This bazaar has different parts like bath, school and little bazaars with different usages, like Gheysariyeh, Panje Ali, Chit Sazi, Mesgari, Darvazeye Mehriz and others. You can find anything you need from common daily needs to any kind of souvenirs. If you are a tourist, you must visit all these bazaars and the art inside them!!!

Laari’s home

laari's home | discover yazd

If you are planning to visit Yazd, be sure to visit the Larry House, which is more than 150 years old. The Lari were good artists and designed the whole house with a special mirror and architecture of that time, which is one of the most eye-catching houses in Yazd.

The world’s first brick hotel

malak ol tojar yazd

This house, which has several rooms and was owned by Haj Ali Akbar Shirazi, was one of the greatest merchants of Yazd, whose descendants used this house. If you visit Yazd, be sure to visit this house. The hotel is currently used for tourist accommodation, and the most attractive feature of the mansion is the paintings on the walls and ceiling of the rooms, which are said to have taken about ten years to draw.

Yazd Khan Bath

khan yazd bath

One of the most famous attractions in Iran that most tourists visit when visiting Yazd tourist attractions is Hammam Khan Yazd Bath, which has now been changed and turned into a restaurant-museum that welcomes tourists for Iranian food and famous Iranian drink tea.

If you are planning to visit Yazd province, as you know, Yazd is one of the oldest regions of Iran, which is very famous for its historical monuments around the world. According to historians, the village of Fahraj in Yazd is about 5,000 years old.
Fahraj is the only mosque in the world that has never been changed. The Fahraj Grand Mosque was nationally registered in Iran in 1349. Perhaps the Fahraj Grand Mosque is not very similar to other mosques because, like other famous mosques, it is tiled, neither the dome nor the usual altars and tiles in other mosques, a very simple and clean building built in the Sassanid style of architecture

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