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Travel to Tehran province.

Today, we are going to travel to Tehran province, the most populated province in Iran, which has been the capital of Iran since Pahlavi era. This city is an important economical, political and industrial point in Iran, So many people from all over the country migrate there to find jobs and new social positions. It has 16 cities like Karaj, Pardis, Pakshahr, Rey and etc. Tehran city is the center of Tehran province. The dominant religion in Tehran is Islam, and most of the people are Shia , but there already exist people with other religions, which have their own churches or other holy temples. Having many historical palaces , tourist places and entertainment venues, Tehran is a good province for traveling to. Tehran is a province with dry climate, although there exist some wet areas, near the mountains.

Tehran tourists and sightseeing areas

Sa’ad Abad Complex.

saadat abad complex

One of the most famous places in Tehran city, Is Sa’ad Abad palace which is located in Tajrish. This palace was built in Qajar era. Mohammadreza Pahlavi, the king of Iran after Qajar era, used to live there as his own personal palace. After Islamic revolution of Iran, This palace turned into a tourist place and till now, it remains so popular in this city. If you travel to Tehran, you can enjoy visiting this palace and all museums like Farshchian museum, Anthropology museum or all other palaces like green palace or mellat palace that all exist in Sa’ad Abad Complex.

Golestan Palace.

golestan palace

The other famous palace in Tehran city is Golestan palace, located in Arg square. Building this palace started in Safavian era, and now it is a tourist place which you can enjoy visiting. This place also consist of 13 different buildings with Islamic architecture, like Shamsol-Emare, Hozkhane and Talare Ayeneh.

Tabiat Bridge

tabiitat bridge

Tabiat bridge, a modern-designed bridge in Tehran city , is one of the places that you should visit during your travel to Tehran. This bridge is the second symbol of Tehram after Milad Tower. This 2-floor bridge attracts many tourists, where they can spend pleasant time in .Having perfect views, good restaurants and food courts at the first floor, locating “Ab- va- Atash Park“ at the beginning of the bridge, existing “Gonbad-e-Mina” which has a planetarium for observing and experiencing the night sky and all other beautiful features of this bridge, turned it to a great place for tourists, So never forget to visit there.

Milad Tower.

milad tower

If you have heard about Tehran, you would probably know its tall tower, “Milad Tower”, which is the tallest tower in all of the Iran. Although it is a telecommunicating tower, it still has something for you. As you enter this tower, you will understand it is a complete entertaining complex. You can find great concert halls, dolphinarium, perfect foodcourts and a revolving restaurant with 360 degree view to Tehran!!! Want my opinion??? Never miss it!

Shah-Abdol-Azim Shrine

shah abdolazim
shah ablodazim tehran

As Iranian people are Muslim, So we can see they have many shrines where their Imams are buried in, at many cities. One of them is Shah-Abdol-Azim shrine, the shrine of 8th Imam’s brother, Located in Rey city. If you know Islamic architecture, you would know how shiny and beautiful there might be. You can see many people praying and many religious ceremonies are held there. There is a bazaar near the shrine, which is famous for its Kabab, an Iranian famous and delicious food. If you try it, you would never forget its taste , smell and this place!

Persian Garden

persian garden
amazing garden

One of the problems in Tehran that may bother you, is its congestion and heavy traffic jam. Need a rest? Want to find peace and silence? Visit Persian Garden. A garden with many types of trees like plane tree, pine, maple and different fruit trees, can be a good suggestion for spending your afternoon in. There also exists a public library that you can use and many types of beautiful flowers like tulips and roses to take pictures with.

Tochal Complex.

tochal- skiing

Tochal Complex, located in Tochal Mountain, is a good place for walking and hiking. There also exist some lines for chairlifts and telecabins. As it has mountainous climate, you can experience skiing in its ski resorts, in cold seasons. Its welfare services like some restaurants and a hotel named Tochal Hotel, brings you a good time to enjoy.

Eram Park.

eram park tehran

Eram Park, is a place where you can find pleasure, excitement, adrenaline rise and happiness. There is 3 amusement park with more than 74 playing devices, a zoo with more than 111 different animal types, an extended lake for boating or fishing and a big parking lot, if you have car. As it is located at west in Tehran, you can find it easily and it has good local access. So, if you are a tourist here, we suggest that you visit this park and have a memory that would never forget.

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