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Introduce Qeshm Island

lets travel to Qeshm Island ,the largest island of Iran and the most well known islands in our country located in Hormozgan province. The island is unique and beautiful.

After Isfahan and shiraz one of the most turist cities is a qeshm. Qeshm Island has a destination for everyone. From historical places dating back to the Sassanid era to exotic amusement place such as the Isle of hengam and the beaches of the pristine are the epicenter of adventure trips as well as restaurants serving great seafood

What do you know about the Greek shipwreck in Kish?

Kish is in the neighborhood of Qeshm Island

visit Qeshm island tourist and sightseeing areas

One of the most beautiful attractions in the world is the Grand Canyon Valley of America, a valley created by billions of years of erosion by natural factors such as water, and has created beautiful forms. For all nature travelers and people interested in such places, visiting this valley is one of the dreams that come true.Chahkouh vally is one of the fantastic attractions of Qeshm geopark, located 75 kilometers from Qeshm island, with walls up to 100 meters high, making for a quietspace. The relaxationwhile walking for the who people live in busy citiesfeels unique.

Chahkooh canyon

Qeshm chahkooh -
qeshm island

Parallel erosion lines and Strait of this gorge were created by Hot sunlight, wind and rain and soil erosion that created very amazing geometric shapes. At the beginning of the gorge, four wells and drilling canals were drilled so that the inhabitants could access fresh water in that hot and dry area, which provided these ancient wells with a much better appearance and a good host for There are also animal species. Because the bottom of the gorge becomes flooded after each rainfall, locals have drilled a well in the bottomto use the water, so they have chosen the name Chahkuh for the gorge.

the vally stars

Qeshm - vally star
qeshm island

 is a strange place. As you enter it, it looks like you went to Mars. A series of strange rocks that skim and show that there are complex geological events millions of years ago.

Local people believe the valley is a place of ghosts and goblins when it is dark, but so far it has not been proven. Star valleys produce sounds due to the special shape and types of rocks and erosion phenomena that occur when blustery winds and air circulate through the rocks and holes in the valley, as if these are the sounds that the inhabitants make. They believe that the valley is a place where ghosts and goblins move as the weather gets dark.

In fact, the formation of a star valley due to erosion. Millions of years ago when Qeshm came out of the water, these rocks came out of the wind and rain.

Star Valley has beautiful, star-studded nights that look like you can hunt for stars with your own hands. The stars are very bright and close, and watch this beautiful video of stars shining at night .Star Valley as part of Qeshm Island Geopark is a UNESCO Natural Heritage Site

Qeshm island Salt cave

salt cave - travel to qeshm

the largest salt cave in the world and listed among national and natural monuments This cave lies in the heart of Qeshm Salt Mountain and is the longest salt cave in the world, about 6.5 kilometers long. Salt Lake Cave is part of Qeshm Geopark and is of great natural value.

Due to the special conditions of this cave, visitors can enter the cave for up to 150 meters and continue on the path requiring advanced equipment, but only  150 meters is sufficiently beautiful.Scientists estimate the life of the cave to be about 500 million years old during the long biological geology.

The salts of these caves are the best salted on Earth. The salt is rich in natural elements like magnesium and can be useful for professional athletes as well as for the treatment of some respiratory diseases, according to doctors. Treatment of asthma and allergies in salt cave environment are other health and therapeutic features of this cave

Qeshm island Castle restaurant

Qeshm castle restuarant

One of the best Qeshm restaurants serving a variety of local and native food is the Castle Restaurant which offers a variety of seafood and no doubt Hosted a lot of guests. A restaurant with an architecture similar to an old castle with a more special and interesting menu, located to the south of the Portuguese castle.

The owners of this restaurant are residents of Qeshm Island, and they do not have a fixed menu because they use their daily hunt to prepare meals.

In fact, the menu of this restaurant is oral and varies depending on the day.Squid, shark feed, shellfish and shrimp feed are available at the restaurant.In addition to the interiors, you can use outside of restaurant.

Qeshm atrium restaurant

One of the most beautiful and restaurants on the island of Qeshm, an environmentalist fan who has tried to use wood instead of plastic and this is very inspiring to keep earth safe.

 This restaurant has a very nice design and Wooden table and chairs with elegant design are used in this restaurant.This restaurant serves a variety of Iranian and seafood dishe

Fun in Qeshm island

Diving in Qeshm


Diving is one of the fun and experiences that everyone should experience and at least once in their life, and how great if you plan to travel to Qeshm for this underwater adventure and watching colorful fish and this amazing fun  in your memory

Skilled instructors teach you important things before diving. Then the diving equipment is provided. Then your diving in the Persian Gulf begins. Let’s go.

Crocodile Park

corocodil park

Qeshm island Crocodile Park was the first crocodile breeding center in the Middle East.Crocodiles are reptiles from the age of the dinosaurs, which have as many powerful legs and hands  and jaws as their. These animals lay in water while living on land. Crocodiles have two eyes, the first from top to bottom, the second from bottom to top, which is the third eyelid for underwater life, which makes the underwater environment transparent.

this hunter , patient and opportunist who quietly catches the prey and performs its job with a quick leap in an instant. The crocodiles have 68 teeth that are shed each year and replaced by new ones.

Fly board

fly board - visit qeshm island

One of the most entertaining amusements is the water sports of Flibord. A sport where you can hop in and out of the water like a dolphin   In Fly Board Sports, the athlete flies out of the water with the help of powerful jet skis and flies in the air and returns to the water again. Just like dolphins

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