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Travel to Qazvin

lets travel to qazvin and visit spectacular place in qazvin .Qazvin is one of the amazing and most beautifull cities of Iran. At a distance of 130 kilometers from the capital is located. It was the capital of Iran for 57 years during Safavie era therefore it has many historical well known sites and museums.It is also the cradle of Iranian calligraphy. Mir-Emmad Qazvini was one of the well known calligraphers that lived in Qazvin

travel to qazvin

. It is very interesting to know that Qazvin ranks first in the number of monuments in Iran and third in the world. SinceQazvin is mountainous province, so unique animal species live in this area, include deer, wild sheep, brown bears etc. there are many celebrations throughout the year, where different foods and pastries are made. As you now, Qazvin is one of the best places to travel to time and visit life in the past of iran

alamut castle

Qazvin tourist and sightseeing

Rafi Church
one of Qazvin’s most interesting attractions is the Rafi Church, which is one of the monuments of this city. The architecture and building of this church is very beautiful and unique. There is a path on the west side of the church that guides you to the church bell. This church is the center of various Armenian celebrations in Qazvin. Each year the church hosts a special celebration of Christian Ascension Day. It is held in August at the same time as Grapes Eid.

qazvin church
Rafi Church

The most popular travel season is summer which is cool weather in Qazvin. It also has many vineyards that make the city’s climate very refreshing.
Chelseton Place and Museum is the most important historical monument and one of the symbols of Qazvin. It was built when Qazvin was the capital of Iran. It used to be a museum of historical objects, but today it is a calligraphy museum that is very spectacular. The chelston Mansion is two floors and 500 meters area. The first-floor murals are an example of Qazvin’s world-famous painting art.

Qazvin Museum

museme qazvin

Qazvin Museum is another popular tourist destination in Qazvin that visited by many tourists every year. Museums are like time machines. Visiting museums can take you back to the past. Qazvin museum is an important treasure trove of different periods of history that many of them have been excavated in the Qazvin plain. It consists of several sections, that each section is dedicated to a historical period. Some of their historical place date back to the millennium BC and how many time you have chance to experience something like this ?there is an ancient object is a metal plate that pictures of the Sassanid era are paint on it. people belive that this plate belong to Khosrow II of Sassanid.and it seems true

Another interesting object in the Qazvin Museum is the statue of the upper Sumerian man. If you go to Qazvin Azadi Square you will experience this legendary museum.

Qazvin Restaurants and foods

Qazvin restaurants cook great food. Some foods are cooked only in Qazvin and are known as this city. Qazvin’s most popular food is certainly Ghima Nesar which is cooked in most restaurants in the city. I suggest you try this delicious popular food. Other famous dishes of Qazvin include Dimaj and Sweet Polo. Qazvin has many good restaurants, such as:

nemuneh resturant

Nemoneh restaurant

Cooking delicious and high quality food has made this restaurant famous. The main dish of this restaurant is Gheima Nesar. Other popular dishes such as Kabab Lari and Kabab tekei also are served at this restaurant. In addition to the above Nemoneh restaurant has a large and very beautiful dining room that can make a dreamy time for you.

Shani restaurant

Shani restaurant is usually known as a quality restaurant. In addition to traditional dishes, European food, Kabab and steak are served at this restaurant.

Eqbali restaurant

Eqbali restaurant is one of Qazvin’s oldest restaurant. Some of the dishes at this restaurant are more popular, such as Qaima nesar and Indian Kabab.
Qazvins recreation centers
Qazvin’s recreational places are very diverse and attractive. In the city you can enjoy a variety of parks and amusements in the natural surroundings, and then invite yourself to a sporting excitement or fear experience in the Terrible Hut.

Barajin Forest Park

It is the tallest amusement place in Qazvin that you can see throughout the city. So it can be called the city roof. It is one of the largest forest parks in the country, which has become a popular recreation area for locals and tourists for many years. The interesting and pleasant climate of this park is one of the prominent features that attracts tourists every year in spring and summer. If you go to Barajin Jungle Park, you can also enjoy the roar of the Ernezk River and enjoy the sound of the water, along with the use of forested space and the great weather there. One of the unique attractions that makes this park among Qazvin’s recreational centers popular is the nature village project. Nature Life Village is one of the most prominent recreational centers in Qazvin and one of the rarest tourist destinations in the country. The Wildlife Village is a natural habitat for livestock and wildlife such as cheetahs, bears, lion and wolves and has become a landmark ecosystem in the country. If you go to the park, you will never see the “Do Not Feed Animals” sign; rather, it is said: “Get the right food for each animal in the park and give it to the animals in principle”. If you’re a fan of animals or want to see a real, charming, eco-friendly ecosystem with all sorts of amazing animals, be sure to visit Nature’s Village at Barajin Park and experience a new place with many surprises.

hot spa

Kharqan hot spa ; health medicine

Hot spa are always one of the most popular places for travelers and tourists. This hot spa is one of Qazvin’s recreation centers used by travelers and sometimes locals. The water of this spa with its extraordinary healing properties is effective for treating many diseases such as rheumatism, sciatica and nerve pain. If you are a spa enthusiast or have problems and illnesses mentioned, be sure to visit this spa and enjoy its unique properties.

kaman skiing qazvin

Kaman Skiing (qazvin) ; Snowy Day Memory

Winter sports are the most popular winter recreations on cold days. Many snowboarders travel to Qazvin’s tele-ski every year to link their winter days to an exciting pastime. Tourists can also watch the beauties of the area from the telecasts

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