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Khorramabad is the capital of the Lorestan province and land of roaring waterfalls, known mainly for its natural tourist attractions. It is located on the Zagros mountains and has several cave-dwelling sites and springs. It is also home to many historical places, dating back to the Sassanid era and even before that. This amazing city is the first Iranian city to have been mentioned by the United Nations Control Logic Office as an Ideal city for tourism. With its Mediterranean weather, it is a great destination for visitors to enjoy the nature, specially in winter and spring.

Tourist attractions

Travel to lorestan – The Falak-ol-aflak castle

falak ol aflak

The Falak-ol-aflak castle is the number one tourist attraction of Khorramabad. It is also considered the symbol of Lorestan. This gigantic structure was built during the Sassanid era and served as a military outpost. A Cultural heritage which since 1968, has been turned into a museum. The castle has been built on the highest mountain of the city. It would be a unique experience to see a historical site, while at the same time, enjoy the beautiful view of the city. The tower of Khorramabad, better known as the brick Minaret, is located close to the castle. It is more than 900 years old and about 90 feet tall. Its main purpose was to help caravans to find their way through dark nights and to inform the city of possible invasion. The surrounding of the monument has been turned into a park and is a great place to spend time with friends.

cave lorestan

Koojan cave

As mentioned above, The historican sites of Khorramabad go way back the Sassanid era. 30 miles south of the city, lies the Koojan cave. The man-made cave has been dug out in the heart of the Zagros mountains and is not easy to reach, but it worth the time and effort you spend to get to it. The relics obtained from the cave, confirmed that the cave has been dug out during the Parthian era, When Ashkanids ruled Iran. Since then, with enough water reservoirs, the cave has served as a shelter Through different times.
If you think we can’t go further in history, think again. The Dousheh cave in the Korshourab village, county of Khorramabad, is as old as history itself. There are about 110 paintings in the stone, carved by primitive men, which makes it more of an art gallery than just a cave. The cave has protected the painting from sun and rain, therefore many of these paintings are still visible. It’s not every day to see relics of the primitive men.

Kiyou lake

kiyo lake lorestan

The Kiyou lake is the second most visited tourist attraction of Khorramabad, after Falak-ol-aflak castle. Kiyou means dark in Luri, since the lake itself seems dark. Because of the high amount of seagrass at the bottom of the lake, it tends to get dark during the rain season. The main water sources of the lake ate natural springs, which add to its beauty. In addition of sightseeing, it’s a great place for gathering and water sports, including boating.

Noujian waterfall

travel to lorestan - nojian waterfall

Lorestan province is known for its natural beauty. The Noujian waterfall is the highest waterfall in Lorestan and one of the highest ones in Iran. The waterfall is located in the 24 mile distance from Khorramabad and has been registered as a natural heritage. It attracts many visitors to itself and is also a place to find herbal medicine. Be careful not to get dizzy. The waterfall is more than 300 feet high.
You want a beautiful place to relax and have a nice view of the city? Look no further. The Lorestan roof is the perfect spot for you. Located on the top of the eastern mountains of Khorramabad, the Lorestan roof has several recreational facilities, coffeeshops, restaurants and an observatory complex, the Caspian observatory. The observatory complex itself has a restaurant, coffeeshop, hotel and astronomy equipments. It is considered the most advanced observatory in middle east.


Rangin Kaman Hotel Revolving Restaurant | lorestan

rangin kaman hotel - lorestan

What makes a great food more enjoyable? Eating a good food, while seeing a great view. This revolving restaurant has a great view of the city. It is located at the highest floor of the hotel. You can see the Falak-ol-aflak castle from there. Rangin Kaman hotel restaurant serves a variety of Persian and also international food, at the best quality. It also play live music. Great food, great view, great music for better digestion, what more can someone want for a better meal?

Golden Saffron restaurant | lorestan

local food of lorestan resturant

Golden saffron is one of the most famous restaurants in Khorramabad, and somehow the most popular one. This restaurant serves some of the best food you can ever taste. Like any other restaurants in Khorramabad, their signature food is Kebab, but Other dishes they serve, are as much tasty, specially the lamb shanks. The atmosphere of the place is great, the service is top notch and the food is excellent. You can enjoy the best Persian and local dishes, at their premium quality.

Yalda restaurant | lorestan

lorestan restuarant

If you want a good old traditional spot to serve you the best food, look no further. Yalda is one of the oldest restaurants of Khorramabad. The traditional atmosphere take you back to the good old days, when life was simpler. In addition to regular dining tables, it also has some traditional tables, which you can sit on them and enjoy your food on the cloth. A perfect place for small gathering. This restaurant serves different varieties of food, but like other restaurants in Khorramabad, Their signature food is Kebab. Different Stews are among other great food that Yalda serves.

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