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trip to kashan and visit tourist attraction of kashan

Today we want to travel to Kashan, the city of flowers, rose waters and good smells. It is located in Isfahan. Although it is a little city but you can see the start of Iranian civilization in there. Some people believe that Kashan was the first city in Iran. Kashan has dry-dessert climate with hot days. This city is full of historical houses and places. During your travel to Iran, you must visit Kashan and all its historic places. This historic city, Kahsan, has a lot to say!!!

Tabatabaei Natanzi Historical house


Building and existing from 1250 AH year, it is still stayed strong. This house, is one of the most famous historical house in Iran. People know it as the Bride of Iranian historical houses. As entering this house from its little door, you will face a yard with pool and the building around the yard, but it’s not the whole!!! This amazing house has 40 rooms, 4 yards, 4 cellars, 3 wind catchers and 2 strings of aqueduct. The wonderful architecture of the house is in a way that inside the house is hidden and people out, whether they stay on the roof of the neighbors houses, can’t see the inside of the house. This house is built inside a large pit, so the temperature is balanced in every season. Of 4 yards in this house, one of them was for exterior part, two for inside part and one was for attendants. The exterior part has a main large hall, decorated with colorful windows, mirrors, fillets and beautiful paintings. At the inside part, a room with 5 doors exists and 2 yards and 2 cellars around it. This part was for the living of the Tabatabaei’s family. Under this part exists a big cellar that has special architecture which causes the big difference in temperature in this part with other parts. The parts for attendants consisted of their rooms, kitchens and cellars. Visiting Tabatabaei’s house during your travel to Kashan is necessary to have a perfect remember.

travel to kashan : Borujerdiha House


This house was built in 13 Ah century and has the same architect with Tabatabaei’s house. The story of making this house worth hearing. The builder of this house fell in love with Jafar Tatabaei’s girl, but the condition for marry her was builing a house like Tabatabaei’s. So he started to build this house and it lasted about 18 years. After passing 100 years it is still one of the masterpieces in Persian architecture. This house consists of two inner and exterior parts. In all parts of the house we can see the modeling with the motifs of flowers and birds. All roofs are designed beautifully and artistic which are admirable when you see them. Because of wind catchers, we can feel the cool weather in house during all warm summer days. What is amazing about this house is the fact that all the paintings are painted by the famous Iranian painter, “Kamal-ol- Molk”. In every room of this house, we can see different Persian love stories, like Leyli and Majnoon. Nowadays, some parts of the house are still under the monopoly of private sector. Visiting this eye-catching house is necessary if you traveled to Kashan.

Fin Bathhouse

fin bathhouse
There is lots of bathhouses in Kashan, but this one, Fin, is the most famous one. This bathhouse places in the beautiful Fin garden. Its fame is because of a historical event, a murder! Amir Kabir, the perfect chief minister to Naser- Aldin- Shah, in Qajar era was murdered in this bathhouse in a terrible way. If you visit this tourist place, you will see the maquette of this minister and the scene of his murder. This bathhouse consists of a big and a little bath, both of them has several pools and rooms for changing the cloths and places for warming the water. But the big part is built in Qajar era. This part is decorated beautifully by marble columns, perfect modeling and well-designed roofs based on Persian architecture. The big bath was used for kings or important persons but the little house, which was built in Safavi era usually was used by attendants. Amir Kabir is murdered in little bath. This part is not decorated like the big part. This bathhouse located in Kashan is one of those tourist places that you will enjoy visiting.

travel to kashan and visit tourist attraction of kashan

National museum of Kashan

national museum in kashan
At the west side of the Fin garden, the national museum of Kashan is ready to take us to the ancient Iranian days. More than 400 objects in this museum date back to 7th millennium BC to the contemporary. The objects are grouped to archeology, Islamic period, textiles, manuscripts and the contemporary groups. Visiting this museum in Kashan is one of those perfect suggestion for completing your travel to Kashan. 

Noushabad Underground city

noush abad ground city
Noushabad is a region around the Kashan, in Aran- Va-Bidgol. But what is important for tourists is not noushabad, is the city under the ground!!! Yes we can visit an exciting underground city in Noushabad! Building of this old underground city dates back to Sassanid era, which is around 1500 year ago. This city has many nested rooms that are suitable for escaping during necessary situations. The natural air conditioning system is in the form of U letter, which was also used for escaping. What comes to mind is that they used this underground city to hide from the enemies or to be safe during emergency conditions. This exciting place is one of the tourist places in Kashan that you must visit.

Bazaar of Kashan

bazar of kashan
Old and traditional Bazaar of Kashan is not a simple bazaar at all. You can buy anything you need, whether they be food or souvenirs in there. But this bazaar has a difference with other bazaars. Bazaar of Kashan has several mosques, for example Mir Emad mosque. It has many caravanserais like Mir Panj, Boroujerdiha, Zoghaliha, Naraghiha and etc. There exists some reservoirs like Darbe Zanjir. We can also find Timcheh (a place like caravanserai but more little and for selling expensive tools) there. The most famous timcheh in this bazaar is Amin –Aldoleh. This timcheh has a beautiful roof which is a masterpiece of architecture that cause its reputation in the whole bazaar. Other timchehs are Bakhshi, Miyanchal, Sabbagh and etc. In any part of the bazaar, an especial job is doing. For visiting this large, old and traditional bazaar in Kashan you need to spend one whole day.

Jameh Mosque of Kashan

jameh mosque kashan
One of the oldest buildings in Kashan is this mosque, which was built in Saljoughi era. The materials used for building this mosque was brick. The minaret of the mosque is the third old minaret in Iran. This important mosque has rebuilt several times to stay healthy till now. This place used to be a fire temple in old times but after that people became Muslim, it was turned into a mosque. One amazing fact about this mosque is that it has two Qibla (the main direction for staying and praying), which one of them was wrong and then they destroyed the wrong Qibla and made the correct one. This mosque is decorated by modeling and perfect tiling, so it is a tourist place in Kashan for visiting.

Sultan Mir Ahmad bathhouse

bathhouse-soltan mir ahmad
In Kashan we can find many bathhouses but this one, Sultan Mir Ahmad is one the most beautiful of them, existing from Qajar era. This ancient place is also called as Qasemi bathhouse. Like all bathhouses it has different part too for doing different works, like washing, changing, showering, siting and etc. What is so highlighted about this bathhouse is the way they built it and decorated it. As entering the bathhouse you can see many beautiful fillets, tiling and the art of architecting. Colorful walls with beautiful motifs made this place to a pleasure bathhouse in old times and a tourist place in this time. All golden, turquoise and colorful tiling on the walls and roofs shows the art of the people in ancient Iran in tiling. One of the amazing parts of the bathhouse is its domes. Several domes above the bathhouse exist with many holes on them. These holes are covered by concave glasses. The reason is to letting the sunlight comes in, but their being concave causes that the inside of the bathhouse doesn’t be seen from the outside and the roofs. Visiting this colorful and beautiful ancient bathhouse in Kashan is highly recommended during your travel to Iran.

Trip to kashan : Abbasian Historical House

abbasian historical house

In many historical houses in Kashan, Abbasian was the candidate for the award of the most beautiful Iranian- Islamic residential building. This house was built about two centuries ago. The architecture of the house is so admirable and stunning that it was the location for camera working for several Iranian television movies and series. The building has two special parts for summer and winter. As being built in a large pit, the temperature is balanced and more suitable. We can see several rooms, seraglios, yards and beautiful pools in this house. All of them are decorated in an artistic way by tiles, filets and colorful windows that are so dazzling. One of its beautiful rooms which is also called as the “Mirror Hall’ is decorated by many peace of mirrors in different forms. The beauty of this room caused that they hold their ceremonies, especially wedding ceremonies in mirror hall, so it is famous to wedding room, too. Also we can find a traditional restaurant in this house. All different parts of this house are forming a tourist place for tourists and visiting there in Kashan is recommended.

travel to kashan : Agha Bozorg Mosque

agha bozorg mosque
This ancient mosque has an old school inside. This mosque and school dates back to Qajar era. The mosque has 5 floors and is the only 5 floors- mosque in the world. We can find three seraglios, two yards in the mosque, a beautiful pool at the main yard and a cellar at the school. The arch at the entrance of the rooms has beautiful modeling. This building has many filets and also there exist some lithographs. Because of the ancient and dazzling architecture of the building, we count it as a tourist attraction in Kashan. But it’s not the whole thing we can see! Beside this mosque, we can visit the Khaje Taj Od-Din mausoleum. This mausoleum is the other sight in Kashan.  It remained from 9 AH century, healthy and traditional. So you must visit this mosque, school and mausoleum during your travel to kashan.

Kashani Mohtasham Tomb

mohtasham kashani
The famous Iranian poet in Safavi era, Kashani Mohtasham, is buried in this historic city, Kashan. His tomb is simply placed in a building with a high dome. Both sides of the dome is designed by turquoise tiles. As you stand under the dome at the building and look at above you will see the masterpiece of tiling and symmetry. We can see beautiful colorful windows around the dome. Some parts of his poems is written on the wall of the tomb and on his tombstone. If you visited Kashan, go to this simple and beautiful tomb.

Sialk Hills

What we can see in Sialk Hills, is the civilization of people in Iran, in 7000 years ago. Untill 80 years ago, these hills were unknown but after a flood coming, this hills became highlighted and discovered. These hills indeed are the remains of the ancient Iranian temples that were pyramid- shape and had been made by mud and clay. Archaeologists has discovered many ancient objects like potteries objects with different motifs on them. In many museums in Iran and the world, like national museum in Kashan or Louvre museum in France, we can find ancient objects discovered from this hill. If you visit the hill, you will see that little pieces of ancient potteries on the ground and around the hill. The reason of existing this objects is that people used to bury dead persons in this place, and they also buried several objects with the dead body. By knowing the historic story of this mysterious hill, visiting it in Kashan would bring you enjoyable times.

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