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trip to Hormozgan and visit tourist attraction of Hormozgan

In our travel to the south of Iran, Hormozgan is one of those provinces that will always stay in our minds. If you are a tourist and a fan of nature, history and travel, we suggest you visiting the Hormozgan Province with its all coastal cities. The swelter and the high temperature in there, doesn’t decreases the feel of living and enjoying in this Province. The capital of Hormozgan is Bandar Abbas.Hormoz, Kish and Qeshm islands, Lengeh and Khamir seaports, Minab, Bandar Abbas and Dargahan cities are several famous and tourist cities in this Province. Today we introduce you the top sights in all cities of Hormozgan Province.

What we can see in Lengeh seaport:

Lashtan Castle

lashtan caste - travel to hormozgan

At the central part of the Lengeh seaport, we can see the Lashtan Castle. This ancient castle dates back to the 9 AH century. It is said that this castle was made during the Portuguese kingdom on Persian Gulf. This castle was much important in defensing and local wars. Although just few parts of the castle are remained, but of these few residuals we can understand that they had some warehouses in this castle to keep their foods. Many tombs in this castle shows that many dynasties has lived in the castle. This ancient castle is not well-known, but visiting it in Hormozgan Province is exciting.

Bedu waterfall

bedu waterfall - visit hormozgan

In Lengeh Seaport and its beautiful nature, we can visit one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Iran. Bedu is a stair- waterfall because the rocks in the waterfall are like stairs. Near the waterfall you can find some natural little lakes that you can swim in there. This waterfall is located in Lamezan village. This waterfall is not the only thing to visit in this village. We can also visit the Lamezan salt dome at the south part of the village during our travel to Lengeh seaport. The beauty of this salty dome and its eye-catching color of rock, causes this village in Lengeh seaport be one of the tourist places.

Fekri Historical House

fekri house hormozgan -

This historical house in Lengeh seaport, is built in Qajar era. The house has two inner and exterior parts. Five wind catchers, 25 rooms, 2 basements and one yard (that now is turned into Anthropology museum) are different part of this historical house. Like any house that was built in Qajar era, this house has elegant architecture and is a tourist place in this beautiful seaport for visiting.

Bandar Abbas, is the capital of Hormozgan Province and is the largest seaport in Iran. It is an important city in economical and trading. Let’s see what touristic places this city has for us:

Khersin Cave

khersin cave - arrtaction of hormozgan

The nature of the south of the Iran is admirable. A Sample of it is this beautiful cave, Khersin cave. It is located in 75 kilometers from Bandar Abbas city. It is like a salt dome, but is full of salty icicles. The ground of the cave is full of salt stones. For visiting the whole cave, you should be professional in cave climbing. The beautiful sight of this place and all attractive salty rocks has turned it into a tourist place, but it is not still well- know. Visiting this amazing place is necessary during your travel to Hormozgan Province.

Angooran Salt Dome

angooran salt hormozgan

Salt domes are some places in nature that was some parts of the seas before, but now we see their sediment and they have formed rocky surfaces and we call them salt domes. One of the most beautiful Salt domes is Angooran Salt dome. It has about 1000 meters height and is the tallest salt dome in Middle East. This Salt dome is placed in Bandar Abbas, Angooran Village. But it is not the only salt dome in Bandar Abbas. Salt domes like Gachin, Pol, Lark and Dar Bast are other beautiful and ancient salt domes we can find in this tourist city, Bandar Abbas.

Indians Temple

indian temple in hormozgan

This historic building is made in 1210 AH, by the Indian merchants in Bandar Abbas. The architecture of the building is completely like the Indian temples in India. At the temple we can see the special religious sculptures. On the walls we can see different paintings of Hinduism religion signs or gods or persons that shows Indians beliefs in that era. This historic temple is one of the best tourist attractions in Bandar Abbas.

Persian Gulf Anthropological Museum

musem galle dari

This museum in Bandar Abbas is known as the Persian Gulf museum. During visiting this museum, at first the architecture of the building is appealing. But what is inside is more charming. This anthropological museum has three floors. The first floor has a library and some parts for exhibition. At the second floor we can see the anthropological parts, different sculptures with local clothes, some scenes of the history of the city and the gallery of the traditional bazaar. The third floor consists of archeological parts. This amazing anthropological museum is one of the tourist places in Bandar Abbas that you must visit it.

Galleh Dari Historical Bathhouse

galleh dari bathhouse

This historical bathhouse in Banadar Abbas, is one of the most ancient bathhouses, which dates back to the Qajar era. Although it was a bathhouse in the past but now it is turned into the anthropological museum of Hormozgan Province and you can visit it. They used special materials like different stones for building this bathhouse in a way to taking the humidity of the air. This historical building has 5 domes, with some holes on them for entering the natural light and conditioning the air. The bathhouse has different parts for washing, warming the water and changing the clothes. The art of tiling on the roofs is completely admirable. Visiting this bathhouse during your travel to Hormozgan Province would be memorable.

Galleh Dari Mosque.

This mosque is a Sunni mosque. At the first look, the columns, dome and the minaret looks so charming. The beautiful architecture of the mosque, 36 columns and all appealing fillets has turned it into a tourist place. This mosque has a main seraglio, which is in a form of square with 16 columns with beautiful modeling. A lithograph in the mosque tells us the history of building this mosque. If you traveled to Bandar Abbas, visiting Galleh Dari Mosque would bring you a perfect and beautiful memory.

What we can see in Hormoz Island:

Red Beach

red beach in hormozgan

The beach of this elegant island, is one of the most amazing beaches in the world. The sands at the beach are in a way that causes the red color of the ground. At the border of the beach and the see, we can see the color red and blue, staying beside each other without getting combined. The importance of this red soil is so much in this area. They use this soil in making ceramics or in cosmetic economy, and also this soil is nutritive!!! Yes you can eat this soil and gets used as spices in Local foods. Travel to Hormozgan, Hormoz seaport and never forget this beautiful tourist beach in Iran.

The Canyon of the sculptures

valley of hormozgan

What exist in this place is just different forms of simple rocks!!! So why is it known as a tourist place? Because of your power of imagination. The rocks are simple but in a form that causes you see different forms of animals. Your imagination brings you the experience of seeing many rocky animals, like they really exist! By looking at the pictures, you can guess what is waiting for you in this tourist place in Hormoz Island. Many natural and rocky sculpture of animals, in different forms and shapes, are the art of the nature during the passage of the time. Visit the canyon of the sculptures and enjoy travelling to Hormozgan Province.

Portuguese Castles

Portuguese castle

This castle in Hormoz Island dates back to the time of Portuguese’s dominance on Iran. This castle was their most important castle in Iran. Different parts of the castle like waterplaces, prison, different halls, soldier’s rooms, weapon warehouses and churches forms a complete ancient castle. Some of their churches are built beautifully by coral stones and perfect architecture. Although we can see many Portuguese castle in the cities of Hormozgan Province, but visiting this ancient castle is necessary.

What we can see in Khamir Seaport

Khamir Hot spring

khamir ot spring

5 kilometers from Khamir city, you can find an exciting tourist place, which makes you fresh and happy. Yes, Khamir hot spring which is two separated lake for men and women is existing there as a tourist place. The healing feature of these hot springs causes people in different season swim in them. You can see that 12 free rooms are there for resting or changing the clothes. Swimming in these hot springs is highly recommended during your travel to the south of Iran.

Hara Forests

harra forest in hormozgan

Hara forests (or Mangrove forests) in Khamir Seaport, are one of the biggest sea-forests in the world. Because of tiding, we see the trees in this forest sometimes under the water and sometimes out of the water. This beautiful feature and also the rare types of the trees has turned this place into a tourist attraction. You can visit this place by the boats that cross the forest. Seeing this tourist place during your travel to the sout of Iran is necessary.

What we can see in Kish Island:

Harireh Ancient city


One part of this island belongs to the ancient city with very old buildings. Now this city is not used by people, but it is called as a tourist place. Harireh ancient city is about 800 years old, which was made to having a safe place near the sea. Some old coins and potteries has been discovered from this ancient city. This city is built by coral stones and plaster. Some remaining houses in this city and the tiles discovered in them are like historical houses in Isfahan or Kashan cities, which shows that these houses belonged to reach persons. In this city we can find the remaining of a bathhouse, many water wells and underground channels. This mysterious city is one of the best places to see in the Kish Island.

Kariz Underground City

kariz city

At the depth of the 16 meters, an underground city in Kish has been built around 2500 years ago! This underground city has some fossils which dates back to million years ago. The coral roof of the city is full of fossils and shells, because this city was under the sea in the past. In fact, this city was an aqueduct which also provided the needed water in Harireh city, but now we see this place as a complete tourist complex with restaurant and café, bazaar, atelier and a museum. It is said that the soil of this tourist place has healing features. If you traveled to Kish Island, visit this tourist place and enjoy the smell of art and the history in this touristic Island. The Dolphin Park This complex in Kish is one of the tourist places that you must visit. This complex consists of bird’s garden with 57 different types of birds, the reptile’s tunnel, aquariums, dolphinarium and café- restaurants. At the Dolphinarium part, we can see different types of sea mammals like sea lions, penguins or dolphins. We can see the playing, dancing or other creative works that these mammals, especially dolphins do. Visiting this place is a little expensive but usually people enjoy being there. The perfect time you can have in this complex is the reason for visiting the Dolphin Park during your travel to Kish. The Greek Ship One of the tourist attractions in Kish is this old ship! This ship stopped moving in the year 1345 SH. They tried a lot to move it on again but they couldn’t, so they fired the ship. Now the remaining of the ship is still in the see and it became one of the touristic attractions in Kish Island. This place is a quiet place for enjoying the silence of the sea, and photographing with see and a beautiful ship in background. Visiting this place during your travel to Kish is highly recommended.

Artist’s Passage

artist passage in hormozgan

This touristic place is a one for learning! Yeah! The Artist’s Passage, is a place for walking, but not just a simple walk!!! During your passage, you can see the sculpture of different Iranian artists, like Parvin Etesami (poet), Shahriyar (poet), Amir Kabir (minister( and many other famous persons. This place is suitable for spending time during walking and knowing about Persian Highlighted Persons. Visit this place in Kish and have exciting time!

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