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Travel to ahwaz the city is known as Karun river is located in south of Iran and Khuzestan province . Ahvaz is also known as the city of natural resources.Ahvaz is one of the most important regions for the production of fuel and fossil fuels in Iran and the world. thats also play an important role in Iran’s economy.

travel to ahwaz city

Ahvaz, like the rest of southern Iran cities , has a warm climate. In the meantime, the air pollution intensifies this heat, and in summer the temperature can rise up to 50 ° C. Something that seems a little unbearable. It is interesting to note that Ahwaz has also been approved by UNESCO as the capital of Iran’s book and there are many book festivals held annually in the city.

Ahwaz is plagued by hot air, pollution and torrents every year. But all this has not made the city poor in tourism.  Ahwaz is still one of the touristic cities of Iran and many attribute this success to the hospitable people of this city. Which attracts tourists.

mapar house - ahwaz

Mapar house – travel to ahwaz

Mapar House is one of the few historical monuments in the city that survived the war. The construction date of this mansion dates back to the pre-revolutionary period of Iran,  Reza Shah pahlavi, which is one of the most beautiful centers of Ahvaz..

This building was rebuilt in the early 80’s and was included in the list of national monuments of Iran. In addition to the historical attraction, this place is also a place for food lovers. You can enjoy delicious food in this mansion and relax.

Triangle College

The name of this university is inspired by its shape, was built in the shape of a triangle and has been in Ahwaz for about a century. This building has seen many events and played different roles at different times. The university was  established by the Central Bank Then, they turned it into a literary center called Jundishapur, and now it is considered one of the most beautiful historical monuments in Ahvaz where Many people come there every day.

triangle university
visit ahwaz

The architecture of this beautiful building was done by a Frenchman and it combines well with the style of Islamic and European architecture. The courtyard is clean and the mobile rooms with large windows are spectacular that will make you faint for hours.

Lashkar Abad market

ahwaz lashkar abad

One of the most important reasons for tourists to travel to Ahwaz is to taste the unique falafel  flavor. This bazar is historical ,old ,fantastic and is located near Karun River. If you want to swim after a warmday at the sea and enjoy the ahwazi falafel,  Remember the Lashkar-e-Abad bazar.

Abdul Hamid Market

ahwaz abdol hamid bazar

Abdul Hamid Market is located in citycenter of Ahvaz and is the ancient market in the city. This bazar is historical and amazing of the city and is one of the places  you should  visit.

Ajam inn

Ahwaz is located on the abrisham Road route, one of the region’s most important economic routes. That is why it is not unlikely that there will be many inns in the city. Built in the era of Nasser al-Din Shah, this inn is awaiting you with its beautiful pillars, large wooden windows and beautiful carvings.

Ahwaz Bride

Ahwaz White Bridge is one of the most beautiful and famous tourist attractions of Ahvaz city with more than 84 years of life. This bridge is also called Crescent Bridge because of its design and is one of the main symbols of Ahwaz. The bridge was founded by German engineers while the British were not interested in building it. This bridge was registered national monuments of Iran Which has a historical antiquity. On the other hand, with the reconstruction carried out in 2010, a new life is awaiting more tourists to visit.

Falafeli Abu Ela

felafel ahwaz

If you like to eat traditional falafel in modern Ahwaz here is your place. It’s not just a falafel shop here, but also a variety of delicious and fast food. Here you can find and fill the contents of falafel  by yourself. Of course, you’re in a crowded side shop, so go there early at night.

Babel Seafood Restaurant in ahwaz

One of the most complete restaurants in Ahwaz, where there is a variety of sea foods and kebabs. This restaurant is a place for all styles and tastes and sends you to the hotel satisfied  with its high quality foods.

Qasr ziyafat Restaurant

ghasre ziafat

  One of Ahvaz’s traditional restaurants, where delicious local food is found. If you are tired of fast food or are not into fast food, you should visit here. Arabic tea, kebabs and Southern fish are offered here with the best taste.

Emperor’s Battalion Restaurant

empratour ahwaz res

One of the most beautiful restaurants in Ahvaz located on the eighth floor of a building. The restaurant offers a wide range of seafood, foreign and Iranian.

Ahwaz stone park

It’s not just a park here. In addition to the beautiful nature of spending time with your family, there is another exciting thing to do. Rappel is an exciting activity that you just have to experience to understand my words. Raise your adrenaline. . .

Island Park


Island Park is a park along the Karun River and the bridge over Ahwaz that provides an eye-catching opportunity to take historical and memorable photos. If you want to know why the city of the nightlife is said to be the nightlife, visit this park.

Kheymeh restaurant

ahwaz kheymeh resturant

One of the Ahvaz restaurants that has created a unique family atmosphere. A restaurant known for its live bands. Most Iranian cuisine and local barbecues are served at the restaurant.

Ahwaz waterfall

ahwaz waterfall

The longest and most attractive artificial waterfall in Asia is located in Khuzestan province on a bridge. This artificial waterfall is built on the seventh bridge of Ahvaz, which is located next to Karun river. The fountains fall from both sides of the bridge into the river, and tourists and travelers flock to the bridge to watch the dance of light and water.

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